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MAR 12Conte Center @ UCI - 6th Annual Symposium
JAN 22Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Rebecca M. Shansky, PhD


DEC 108th Annual Arnold Starr Lecture
NOV 09Join our MS team for a reception and dinner to support the UCI Health Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center.
NOV 03Comprehensive Stroke and Neurocritical Care Symposium: Innovation in Stroke Care
OCT 132018 Parkinson's Symposium — Treatment Options in Parkinson's Disease: From Behavior to Movement
AUG 07Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Catherine E. Monk, PhD
JUN 218th Annual Stanley van den Noort Lecture (Video)
JUN 218th Annual Stanley van den Noort Lecture
MAY 31Neurology Resesarch Social: Brain-Computer Interfaces
MAY 118th Annual UC Irvine Neuromuscular Colloquium, Huntington Beach, CA
MAR 06Conte Center 5th Annual Symposium - Speaker: Nim Tottenham, PhD


NOV 28Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Mirella Dapretto, PhD
NOV 2Neurology Research Social
OCT 27Neuralscapes: Artist in Residence - Arnold Starr, MD, Professor Emeritus Neurology, Viewpoint Gallery
OCT 267th Annual Arnold Starr Lecture, Maria Donatella Caramia, MD
OCT 14Register for the UC Irvine Comprehensive Stroke and Neurocritical Care Symposium, to be held Oct. 14, 2017.
SEP 23Register for annual UC Irvine Health Parkinson’s Disease Symposium, to be held Sept. 23, 2017.
JUN 087th annual Stanley van den Noort Lecture
MAY 127th annual UC Irvine Health Neuromuscular Colloquium
FEB 21Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Benjamin L. Hankin, PhD
FEB 04New Frontiers in Epilepsy Therapy and Care for Women with Epilepsy — a symposium


NOV 106th annual Arnold Starr Lecture
NOV  01Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Olaf Sporns, PhD
OCT 08Stroke Symposium
JUL 06Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Ruth Feldman, PhD
JUN 166th annual Stanley van den Noort Lecture
MAR 24Neurology Research Social


NOV 125th annual Arnold Starr Lecture
OCT 27Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Alan P. Koretsky, PhD
SEP 12UC Irvine Neurosciences presents a symposium for primary care physicians on the latest in treatments for neurological disorders.
JUN 115th annual Stanley van den Noort Lecture
APR 14Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Larry J. Young, PhD
JAN 27Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Megan R. Gunnar, PhD


OCT 304th annual Arnold Starr Lecture — Jeffrey R. Binder, MD
OCT 16Neurology Research Social
OCT 07Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Regina M. Sullivan, Ph.D.
APR 03Neurology Research Social
MAY 20Conte Center Seminar Speaker — Dr. Tomas Paus
JUN 054th annual Stanley van den Noort Lecture


OCT 243rd annual Arnold Starr Lecture: Michael Kilgard, University of Texas, on "Directing Cortical Plasticity to Understand & Treat Auditory Processing Disorders." RSVP by Oct. 9.
OCT 25Michael Kilgard, PhD — Grand Rounds "Targeting Neural Plasticity to Treat Neurological Disease"
JUN 133rd annual Stanley van den Noort Lecture; 5:30 p.m., Beckman Center, 100 Academy Way, Irvine.
FEB 23Symposium: "Epilepsy in Modern LIfe: Classic and Alternative Approaches" is presented.


NOV  28"Integrative and CAM Therapies in Parkinson's Disease" with Adam Simmons, MD, Springfield Neurology Associates
NOV 16"Pediatric MS: What can We Learn from Extreme Phenotypes?" is presented by Joseph Friedman, MD, Brown University
OCT 19Stanford University researcher Dr. Eric Frechette discusses epilepsy at grand rounds.
OCT 26"Human Neural Stem Cells to Treat Spinal Cord Injury — The Preclinical Studies to an Ongoing Clinical Trial," with Brian Cummings, PhD.
OCT 27"Stroke Syndromes: A Case-Based Approach" is the topic of the symposium presented by UC Irvine's Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center at the Marriott Hotel in Newport Beach. .
SEP 22"Brain Tumors: Modern Approaches, Innovative Therapies, and First Steps for Diagnosing" is presented.
MAY 11"Mechanisms of Distal Axonal Degeneration in Peripheral Neuropathies" with Dr. Ahmet Hoke of Johns Hopkins University.
MAY 04UC Irvine Department of Neurology presents annual colloquium: "Current and Therapeutic Approaches in Neuromuscular Diseases."
JAN 21"Addressing Epilepsy through the Life Cycle" is the topic of UC Irvine's seventh annual Epilepsy Symposium to be held in Newport Beach.


OCT 29UC Irvine presents its third annual stroke symposium focusing on neuroendovascular management and neurocritical care of the stroke patient.
MAY 20Inaugural California Neuromuscular Colloquium, hosted by UC Irvine, will provide a venue for specialists to discuss research, advances and challenging cases.
JAN 29"Advances in Epilepsy" is the subject of the sixth annual UC Irvine Epilepsy Symposium, to be held at the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center on the Irvine campus.


NOV 22Dr. Vivek Jain conducts stroke case review
NOV 24Dr. Neal Hermanowicz conducts the Neuroscience Series