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Index of Spotlights

Steven Small, MD, Chair, Department of Neurology

A message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Neurology at UC Irvine. We are caregivers, teachers and scholars who are dedicated to providing the very best neurological care.

UC Irvine Health brain tumor specialist Dr. Daniela Bota

Leaders in the fight against cancer

UC Irvine's National Cancer Institute designation signifies the 'best and brightest' in cancer care.

Dr. Shuichi Suzuki

Treating Stroke with Micro Devices

New interventional stroke treatment techniques give patients a better chance of survival.

Drs. Vivek Jain, Lama Al-Khoury, and Suichi Suzuki,

Moving fast on strokes

A rapid response program spearheaded by UC Irvine neurologists improves care for Orange County stroke victims

UC Irvine neuroscientist Zhiqun Tan

Alzheimer's lesions found in retina

UC Irvine neuroscientist Zhiqun Tan has found retinal lesions in mice that may mirror brain cells ravaged by Alzheimer's disease.

 UC Irvine neuroscientist Dr. Steven Cramer

Bad driving may be in the genes

UC Irvine neuroscientist Dr. Steven Cramer and colleagues find that people with a particular gene variant perform 20 percent worse on driving tests.

Dr. Jack Lin, epilepsy specialist

Monitoring epilepsy

Dr. Jack J. Lin aims to eliminate seizures in patients through UC Irvine Healthcare's comprehensive epilepsy program.